Valentines Topiary.

Last week while looking for some ideas for Valentines decorations, I came across this cute idea over a craft blog called Because I Can! And decided to give it a try.

I loved how it turned out and, best of all, the final cost was a little over FIVE dollars! Can't beat that!!

Here's what you need:

*3 packages of heart picks (2 big, 1 small) - All a Dollar = $3
*Moss (leftover from another project, but the tag said 0.99!) you can get this at All a Dollar too.
*Foam floral ball - 5-in. - WalMart = $1.97
*Flower pot/container (I used one that was my potting shed, that I actually found in the garbage!!)
*Hot glue gun
*Floral foam (I didn't have any, but I was so excited to this, that I used PLASTIC BAGS!! It worked great!

First pull the hearts off the wooden picks. There will be a hole in each heart, but they will be hidden, so don't worry about that!

 I also used a couple of the wooden sticks that I had just pulled the hearts off of as a "dowel" to hold the ball. Just bunched them together and stuck them into the ball. But you can use wood a dowel and wrap with floral tape.

Then just start randomly gluing the hearts onto your ball, leaving spaces between each one.

After that you fill in the cracks with the floral moss. I didn't even glue this stuff on, I just stuffed it into the cracks and it stayed just fine and I didn't have to mess with more glue! This part was a little messy though! Again I used the picks to help to fill in...

Then put the floral foam on the bottom of your bucket (I used the plastic bags, since I didn't have any foam on hand!), stick your topiary in and cover it with more moss.

Look at her!! I think "she" is gorgeous!! And I MADE IT!!!

For the finishing touch, tie a ribbon around the sticks and there you have it! A super cute Valentine topiary for very cheap!

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  1. So Cute!!! you are so creative!Congrats on another Boy!!!


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