General Conference {gift} baskets

One more idea for General Conference! I made these for the ladies that I visit teach!

*General Conference Packets - for the kids
*Crayons or pencils
*A notebook
*Bag of popcorn

The note says:

"Just POPPING by to wish you a meaninful conference weekend. Enjoy!"

Have a great conference weekend you too!!!

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General Conference Games & Activities

This weekend is General Conference! I really enjoy General Conference because it is a time when I can gather to listen to the leaders of the church and to get an extra boost in my life.

 I always come away spiritually uplifted, and with a strong resolve to do a better job - especially as a mother. But it can be hard to have the kids listen with the same enthusiasm...

 Here are some ideas to help the kids watch General Conference:

Use these cards to help children learn the names and faces of the First Presidency and 12 Apostles. There are also some fun facts too.

Just print and cutout the cards for this fun game. Four LDS bingo boards and other pieces come with this printable game. Enjoy!
Prophets and Apostles Matching Game.

The following links are for notebooks.

Senior Primary (6 - 11)

Nursery (18 months - 3 years):

Junior Primary (3 - 6)

Youth (12 - 18):

**(Link em portugues)

General Conference is a wonderful time to spend learning about Jesus Christ and the things that we need to work on in order to return to live with him. I know that as you listen to conference with an open heart and mind that you will feel the spirit and be strengthened. Enjoy...

credits for the ideas: The Idea Door, Sugardoodle and lds.about.com

Click here to know more what general conference...

{LDS} General Conference - a little "Get To Know"

Salt Lake Temple

A thought it would be a good idea to explain about the upcoming General Conference!
Twice a year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA Mormons) broadcasts a General Conference world wide from the Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. General Conference of the LDS Church is held in April and October, usually on the first Saturday and Sunday of the month. In these meetings the First Presidency, 12 Apostles, and other leaders of the LDS Church share inspirational messages to members throughout the world.

inside Conference Center

There are five, two hour sessions as follows:

Saturday (All times are in Mountain Time)
•10:00 am General Session
•2:00 pm General Session
•6:00 pm Priesthood Session

•10:00 am General Session
•2:00 pm General Session

The Priesthood session is for all brethren who hold the Priesthood, Broadcasts of General Conference are transmitted over TV, radio, and satellite. Video feeds of the conference are hosted online at www.byu.tv. All messages presented during General Conferences are made available in audio, video, and written formats (in over 80 languages including American Sign Language) at the Broadcast Archives as well as in the subsequent issue (May and November) of the LDS Church’s Ensign magazine.


My Most {perfect} Project Ever...

Wow, I am sooo glad to be back from 'maternity leave'!! I want to show off my new little guy! He is adorable and a VERY good baby... Such a nice addition to our family!! Meet Caleb, the most beautiful baby of all... Applause, please...

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