My Garden Plan!!

Today we have such a nice weather!! It gave me the Spring Fever!!
I went outside to check my dear garden! It looks kind of sad now...

I am sooooo excited to start gardening again! This will be my second year!
I loved it last year, and will do it again!

Since we've moved into this house, ten years ago,
I always wanted to have a vegetable garden!
I even dreamed about!! But it was always something...

Then last year I decided it was time!! I researched lots of different methods
and decided to try Square Foot Gardening and I really liked it!

Before I planted my first seed, we had to WORK a lot!!
I really wanted to have a functional and PRETTY garden...

So I draw what I wanted and hubs built it for me
 (with MY help, of course :D)

Here are the boxes that hubs built out of vinyl fencing material...
They are awesome!

I took this picture in May...

Here is in July... By the end of August, it was hUgE!!

Last weekend we decided what we want to plant and today I made 'the plan'. 

Now I just have to wait until we come back from our (so deserved)
vacation to start my seeds!! See ya...

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