Mickey/Minnie Mouse Applique T-Shirt Tutorial

I never thought I would say that, but is good to be home... I don't mean HOME HOME, I mean cold Utah!

Our vacation was GREAT! The kids enjoyed every second of it and the SEVENTY EIGHT degrees felt really good... But is good to be back!

When we decided to go to Disneyland, I started to think of ways that I could save money and still make the kids happy, with something special. Then I came up with the idea of Mickey (for Noah) and Minnie Mouse (for the girls) t-shirts!

I [heart] how they turned out...

Here is what I did;

What you will need:

Mickey Mouse head pattern (I printed out of the internet)
9" Fabric (bought mine at WalMart for 0.25 - will yeld 4 shirts!!)
Fusible web/interfacing
Plain t-shirts (WalMart again - 3.50 ea.)

Decide how big you want the design. For mine, I printed the Mickey's head on a 8"x11" sheet.

Pin to the fabric and cut out..

Now you have the 'head'. Just lay on top of your shirt and apply the fusible web/interfacing on the WRONG side of the fabric - between the fabric and the shirt.

With a hot iron press the design (this will 'activate' the fusible web and it will glue to the shirt).

Then,  zig-zag all around it. You can also sew the edges, but I didn't want to fray when washed, so I zig-zagged!!

And for the finishing touch, I made bows for Minnie's head and matching bows for Becca to wear and a headband for Kimmy!!

I just LOVE it!!

Here are some more...

With the matching bows...

Don't they look ADORABLE??

And best of all, I made FOUR t-shirts for each one for less money then a Disney bought shirt!!

Not bad... They came out a little less then $4 each!!

For Noah, I made one Mickey Mouse and three ties...

He looked soooo HANDSOME...

Next time I will show how I made the bows...

So long...


  1. These are so cute! If we ever get to Disneyland I'll be sure to make these for my kids before we go, they are so fun!

  2. This sounds like it would be really cute. But I am unable to see the pictures? We are going to Disney next week and looking for easy, fun ideas. Is there a way I can view them?


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