Painted Garden Pots.

I have tons of garden pots!! It must be one of my weaknesses... I can't see a cute pot, that I need want to buy!

Last year I bought these at Shopko for 90% off!! They ended up being one or two dollars each!!

Looking through my "collection" I decided that was time to do something! Put them to use!

So here are some of the pots that I painted for the front porch. I just LOVE it how it turned out.

First I applied some primer, then sprayed  painted the pots Heirloom White and the rim black. I didn't use any polyurethane, put you can for added weather/water protection.

Let dry really well, then I did some stenciling with vinyl. You can get the vinyl here. 

Aren't they CUTE?? I am in love...

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