It's a New Day...

I just can't believe 2009 it's over! Actually I can't believe that we are approaching the end of January! Crazy how time flies... But I'm happy for the new year. I think it will be great!

With the new year, the new resolutions...

One of them is to read with the kids every night! So far, so good! We made through the first 20 days of the year! Let's keep up the good work, peolple ;0)

For christmas, my good friend Amy, gave this cool 'Values-By-Month project' for the year. For every month there's a different value, symbol, a main scripture, songs, FHE ideas, Gospel Art lessons, related activities and topics and the scripture of the day - all related with the month's theme.

January's theme is "Order and Goals - organizing the home and work"! Don't you love it? January, new year, new beginning... Cleaning, organizing... I loved it! And the kids are so excited every night to know what the scripture is about!

Click **here for the PDF file!! Hope you enjoy!

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