Le Bain [almost done}

Last year when I was SEVEN months pregnant we decided to gut the whole bathroom and remodel in TWO months...

I am sure you know the rest of the story :D

It is NOT finished yet, but is functional - which is a bad thing! But I {heart} it!!

Hubs worked really hard to finish before I had the baby and I am happy to say that I took my "last" shower there, without a door, but did!!

three things that I learned with this remodeled:

1. Mudding IS a pain in the neck (literally)... but when you are 9 months pregnant is MUCH harder and painful to do  ceilings!

2. DON'T start a BIG project when you have a preggo at home and company coming in three weeks of starting the project!

3. Do it anyways because it would be so worth it in the end...

I thought about waiting till we finish, but since I don't know WHEN that would be, I decided to post today.

The "Before":

This is how the bathroom looked BEFORE. We had a tiny, dark and moldy shower - which we didn't use - wonder why! And a linnen/MESS closet.

And here is AFTER...  drum roll {please}

We added the beadboard - I {heart} it!! Painted a 'harlequin' wall. Layed new tile, new hardware.

New light fixtures (love the recessed lights in the shower), light/fan combo, new shower unit - NOTHING 'green' about this water sucker...

New door...

Still need to finish crown moulding and next project will be to refinish the vanity and paint the countertop!!

Wish me luck!!!



  1. It looks fantastic! Nice job on the beadboard and the harlequin pattern, so classic.

  2. Loks fabulous! Did you use a stencil for your walls? I am wanting to do something similar in our half bath.

  3. Oh wow, that looks SO good! I'm totally impressed...I'd never know how to do something like that.:-)

  4. I love the harlequin pattern you painted. It looks wonderful with the beadboard. We will be redoing our half bath in the next few months. Your bath looks so great I am now considering a harlequin paint job for my bath.
    Thanks for sharing


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