Kimmy's {Baptism}

I can't believe my baby is EIGHT!! I am really excited with her baptism later this month! I am planing a cute party afterwards.

Grandma is coming all the way from Brazil to make things even more special!

Saturday we went to downtown to take her "baptism" pictures. I think they turned out great! Here are just a few (we took more than TWO HUNDRED - just in case ;0)

And this is the invitation...

The 'theme' is Bees based on Pres. Hinckey's Be's talk!


  1. SOOO Cute!!! Love it- we will be there for sure :)

  2. May I please ask where you found the design for your invitation? My daughter is getting baptized in July and we discovered your blog while searching for baptism invitations. She loves the design, so I was just curious if this was something you had created yourself or something your purchased.


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