Baptism {CTR} Towel - tutorial

Since I am teaching CTR 7 this year, I thought of making something nice for the kids on their 8th birthday - something that would help them prepare for their BAPTISM.

Looking through the 'blog world' - my new PASSION (it seems - lately) I found this, more than cute, idea over Made With love and Glue, and decided to give it a try.

It turned out SUPER cute...

Here is what you need:

* white bath towel
*9" of fabric of your choice (dark background to contrast)
*pellon Wonder Under
*CTR emblem pattern - click HERE
*baptism towel poem - click HERE

1. Iron the Wonder Under on the wrong side of the fabric.

2. Trace the pattern onto paper backing/fabric. Make sure to trace the shape BACKWARDS since you'll be doing this on the BACK of the fabric.

3. Cut out the pattern and peel off the paper backing. Position the fabric on the towel and iron.

4. Machine stitch around the pattern.

For the card, I printed the poem on vellum paper, then attached to a matching scrapbook paper and added a little ribbon! Cute cute... The card was 5" x 8".

A very thoughtful, fast and easy gift!! Made with L.O.V.E!!

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  1. Adoreiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! especialmente esse ano que nossas filhas completarão o tão esperado oitavo aniversário!
    Vc é muito talentosa!

  2. Difícil vai ser traduzir esse poema com rimas... o que farei??

  3. Traduz dai e eu traduzo aqui, ai a gente 'monta' um!!

  4. Great idea!!

    Love it!

    I'd love to see you link up to Socialize with Me Monday til Sunday!!


  5. Adorable! I found you from Tip Junkie! Thanks for sharing! I would love to make it for my daughter!

  6. I am making one of these next week for a special 8 year old. What a special time in life and thanks for the tutorial. I was going to wing it but you have helped me out.
    I will follow you now. Glad I found you!!!

  7. This is so cute. I have seen these with the date and names, but not CTR, and I've never seen the poem! Yours turned out fantastic!


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